1000 Categorized Positive and Negative Beliefs

Change Your Limiting Beliefs, Change Your Life



What is it?


A Powerful Tool

Everyone struggles with core false, negative, or limiting beliefs. This book contains over 1000 categorized negative or limiting beliefs and positive affirmations or beliefs that are organized according to the seven governing chakras. 


The Focus

Utilizing this book, the individual seeking healing can identify limiting beliefs that inhibit and shackle, in order to release them. Rooted in truth, the compelling positive affirmations  or beliefs can then be internalized to create more freedom and peace in the life of the individual.

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Two Convenient Options

1000 Positive and Negative Beliefs may be purchased as a PDF file that will be delivered to your chosen email and may be printed for personal and business use. There is also a Kindle version available on Amazon that may be used with the free Kindle app. It contains links to pages for easier navigation and utility on your device.  


I carry it with me everywhere and use it frequently! Last Sunday my Marriage/Family Counselor BIL was experiencing a headache. I walked him through it and 10 mins later he was headache free. I helped a fellow classmate yesterday (she's going through a nasty divorce). She returned minutes later, fully ready to engage in class again. It's proven to be a vital part to my healing arsenal! I love that it's something I can walk people through on their own to help themselves. Even those who don't believe in "Energy Work" find healing through it. It's an amazing tool! - T. Cook

Jenny, I received your booklet 2 weeks ago. It's brilliant. I have been using the Body Code and other modalities for 5 years, now when I do a session it consistently takes me to Beliefs. It's taken my healing to the next level, thank you. Everyone who uses muscle testing should own this book! - K. Prell

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I seriously LOVE this! Got my copy a few weeks ago and it has been so helpful!    - K. Foster

Thank you for putting this book together Jenny, it is amazing and I use it for almost every session. Sometimes it is eerie how spot on it is. - T. Brooks

How do I Release and Replace the Beliefs?

I use a method called Body Based Mindfulness. Integrating the body into the healing process is not only important, but vital in transforming negative beliefs. 

There are many that do not know of the link between the body, traumatic experiences, limiting beliefs, and mental health. This information can counter beliefs like "I will always be anxious, " or "I have a history of depression and mental health issues and that will never change." 

There IS hope! 

Knowing more about the body and its survival instincts can bring new understanding as to why people suffer from "triggers". Learn more about the cutting edge research that is showing body based therapies are transforming lives. Dr. Rosengren makes the science easy to understand!

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