Positive and Negative Beliefs Testing Chart

The Testing Chart

There have been many questions about the use of the Belief Testing Chart - it is included with all Second Edition books. If you did not receive a Belief Testing Chart in your book, send a message and you will receive a copy of it. It differs slightly from the chart in the Second Edition. 

Here are the Instructions for using the chart:

The belief chart corresponds to each of the chakras, row or subcategory, and the number is how many beliefs are in that row (negative or positive). For example, test in which of the chakras are found the most harmful negative beliefs. Let's say one is in the 3rd chakra, which is the Solar Plexus, then which row or subcategory is it in (1-7)? It is in number 6. There are 8 negative beliefs in that row, now test 1-8 until arriving at the correct negative belief, and it is #4. Write the numbers down while testing. In this case it would be 3 6 4, - Chakra, Row, Belief. 

It is common to get several negative beliefs that are associated with each other. Use the chart to identify them and after finishing locating all the beliefs in the different chakras, look them all up at the same time. This saves a great deal of time because it is not necessary to flip through pages. 

Testing for positive beliefs is the same. Simply look in the positive belief column instead of the negative one. Use the positive beliefs by placing them back into the void that was created by the removal of the negative beliefs.

Generally the questions are framed around blocks. For example, "What core limiting belief, or limiting beliefs are blocking my progression in my business", "What core negative belief or negative beliefs are blocking my progression in my relationship with ___?" Or it could be an emotion that continues to be trapped over and over, so... "What core negative belief or negative beliefs are keeping me in this harmful cycle?"