Dr. Rosengren's Body Based Mindfulness Video Library

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The Fight or Flight Response

The Fight or Flight response is integral in understanding how to calm the central nervous system. The Body Based Mindfulness approach is incredible in working with the body and its triggers so that the brain and body can be more at peace after traumatic events.

Dr. Rosengren and His Own Anxiety

Dr. Rosengren shares about his own struggle with social anxiety that he dealt with for 40 years. He even became a therapist to try to heal. The Body Based Mindfulness approach is what helped him finally stop fighting his body and learning to work with it. This approach has transformed not only his life, but also the lives of many of his clients.

The Polar Bear Swim and Trauma

Dr. Rosengren explains that using a Polar Bear Swim approach toward healing trauma is not the best way of healing. Body Based Mindfulness is a very gentle approach. 

Body Based Mindfulness

What does a Body Based Mindfulness Class look like?

Everyone has Something They Can't Tolerate

Whether the emotion is anger, sadness, anxiety, panic, or even joy, everyone has something with which they can't tolerate the sensations. Body Based Mindfulness can help.

Working in Small Doses

Body Based Mindfulness allows working in small doses and is less triggering than other therapies.

Slow Talk

Slow Talk is a great coping skill for those with anxiety that arises when speaking. Dr. Rosengren , who suffered from social anxiety for 40 years, shares how this coping skill helped him tremendously when he would be nervous speaking to different people.