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Hi there, I'm Jenny. I'm glad you're here!

If you want to read about my story and how it relates to the creation of the 1000 Beliefs book, please read on!

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I Needed to Heal

I began to heal from an abusive childhood around 10 years ago. I am not sure how much or how little to share about my growing up years. I’ve healed, so this is not about condemning or shaming the people that abused me. Suffice it to say that I knew my past needed to be healed if I wanted to be the nurturing, caring mother I was meant to be.  I had 5 kids at the time, and I was sick emotionally, mentally, and physically.

I had made the decision to not carry on the traditions of hitting, slapping, and kicking that had been a means of control and order in my childhood home. But the rage that still lived inside me was always there, ready to explode into screaming and yelling and I knew at those times, my kids still feared me. I hated myself for it. I tried so many ways to overcome it, but my self-hatred was the only thing that seemed to grow, versus the patience, love, and kindness I was seeking.

I Believed I was a Horrible Mother

 My husband, a psychologist, was constantly looking for something that worked to heal himself and his clients. He has his own story of dealing with life-long social anxiety (you can read about his story here).

One of the methods he introduced me to was EFT, or Tapping. I seriously thought he was nuts. He walked me through an exercise by Gary Craig and I half-heartedly did it. The whole idea was just so WEIRD! 

A few days later, I don’t remember what had happened, but I remember shutting myself in my bedroom and being overcome with self-hatred because I just HATED being the type of mother I was. There was just so much anger and rage at that time, and I didn’t understand it was a nasty, vicious, never-ending cycle going on within me. 

I can remember the thought came to my mind – You should tap and say these words, “Even though I am a horrible mother, I still love and accept myself.”

In another half-hearted attempt (thinking it couldn’t make things worse), I started tapping and repeating the phrase, “Even though I am a horrible mother, I still love and accept myself."

It still brings tears to my eyes to remember this experience.  As I began tapping on the top of my head, continuing down the points on my face, the most exquisite wave of pure love washed over me from head to toe. I still cannot adequately describe it. The sensations of peace, acceptance, and love were overwhelming. In that moment, I felt the perfect of love of God and knew that no matter what I did, He loved me just as I am.

This Was the Turning Point

Even though it was still WEIRD, I knew that “tapping” had fundamentally changed something in me. 

I started to tap for all kinds of beliefs that I discovered were lies I had believed.

My husband brought home the Emotion Code next. I was just as reluctant to learn about that. As I studied and prayed about it, I discovered that instead of using magnets and “intention”, I chose instead to use faith and prayer.  As I learned to let go of emotions that were trapped within me, I became softer, more patient, more loving and kind with my family. 

I began to share these methods of healing with others, first timidly, and only with a few friends. Then I had a dream; this dream made it clear to me that God wanted me to open my mouth and share more boldly. 

As my husband and I worked with Emotion Code and Body Code we began to realize the need for a chart, similar to the Emotion Code Chart, but it needed to be about beliefs. We knew that the negative emotions would keep coming back, and there had to be something deeper that needed to be healed and beliefs seemed to be the key. I also knew that as I allowed emotions to leave, it created a void, a vacuum, and I needed to be intentional about what went into that space. I prayed for the Love of Christ to fill those spaces whenever I would let go of negative emotions.  

The Book

Several years later, I was introduced to Wendi Jensen. She is an emotional healer, and over the years, she has been creating lists, organized by chakras, of both negative and positive beliefs. These are page long lists and the information is INVALUABLE. 

I asked if I could categorize them to make them more user-friendly to people that use applied kinesiology, or muscle testing. She agreed to allow me to purchase the rights to the material from her, and then my dear friend, Michelle and I began categorizing them and adding a few more beliefs to the lists. 

It took us many weeks, maybe months (that time is kind of a blur). We would work for several hours a day to categorize them into smaller subgroups. I healed tremendously from being exposed to these beliefs. We often had to stop and help each other move through accepting and letting go of negative beliefs that “triggered” us. I can still remember that I could just as easily be “triggered” by a positive belief as a negative one. 

We finally finished the book and I began selling it in January 2016. The Kindle version came out in December of that same year. I was astounded that people from all over the world were purchasing my book. Places like Indonesia, Thailand, France, Australia, Italy, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom. There have been over 2000 copies sold. It has been shared on FB posts and by word of mouth from the incredible people that purchase my book.  I am always so excited to hear from people or read their reviews about how much they love the book. I posted some of the reviews further down this page.

I also have the group 1000 Positive and Negative Beliefs on Facebook that I invite anyone to join.

Purchase the book - $18

My Wish and My Method

My wish and prayer is for this book to get to those that need it the most. No matter what their religious or cultural beliefs are, I just want people to stop living in vicious cycles of self-hatred and anger, anxiety, depression, mental illness, or whatever ails them. I want to help; I want people to be empowered to change and transform. 

I can remember living in that darkness and I want to do my part in helping give people show them the light that they can’t see. They need to know that the light they have been searching for, actually resides within them. That light is what I hope to keep uncovering with this book. 

Thank you for reading this far. Thank you for getting to know me. It’s still scary sometimes to be open and vulnerable, to share my story with strangers. I remember something I learned after reading Anita Moorjani’s book, Dying to Be Me. 

When we act as our true selves, we give space and permission for others to be their true selves. Isn’t that a lovely thought? If we could each feel safe enough to be vulnerable and show who we really are? I can just imagine everyone standing around in awe of not only each other, but of themselves. We each possess SO MUCH LIGHT!

While we continued to heal, my husband kept looking for more pieces to the healing puzzle because he still felt something was missing. It was the physical piece of healing. 

We are here on earth, living in physical bodies and the healing that needs to take place is not all in our minds or spirits. We can heal tremendously, but to be completely healed, our SOULS need to heal and that includes our bodies, our nervous systems. His method is what I use personally. It is a blend of many of the skills we have learned using alternative therapies, with the important addition of addressing the body and its sensations and movements. 

You can learn more about my husband's story and Body Based Mindfulness Courses on his website. 

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Over 1000 Categorized Positive and Negative Beliefs

This Book Empowers You

  • To easily identify the negative or limiting beliefs that are blocking you from moving forward.
  • To do more than just “flip” a limiting or negative belief – Transform yourself with positive beliefs your mind can’t even begin to imagine at the moment.
  • To find limiting or negative beliefs that contribute to not only emotional pain, but physical pain as well.


The Book is Divided According to the 7 Governing Chakras

Root Chakra


Are you stuck dealing with SECURITY and SURVIVAL issues? Rise above surviving to THRIVING!

Sacral Chakra


Are CREATIVITY and SEXUALITY flowing in your life the way you want them to? Ignite your Imagination and Creativity!

Solar Plexus Chakra


Trouble dealing with SELF-WORTH and EMOTIONS? SELF-LOVE is the best gift to yourself.

Heart Chakra


LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS --- WHOOEEE! What the world needs now is LOVE!!! Don’t you agree?

Throat Chakra


COMMUNICATION and EXPRESSION -  Do you have difficulty expressing what you are PASSIONATE about?... There IS a way to find YOUR VOICE!

Third Eye Chakra


INTUITION and COMPREHENSION – You CAN bring greater vision for YOUR FUTURE when you eliminate the beliefs that blind you currently!

SPIRITUAL CONNECTION to the DIVINE – Blocks here can stop you from seeing the bigger picture and how powerfully YOU can impact the world. YES - YOU! YOU are capable of so MUCH MORE than you can even IMAGINE!

New Beliefs, New Life

Check out these INCREDIBLE Reviews!


Marisa expressed,

“I love this book because removing negative beliefs and installing positive beliefs is powerful life changing work! This booklet is soooo easy to use and navigate!”

Ava had to say,

“This book lists all related negative beliefs as it relates to the chakras, and provides positive solutions to redirect those invisible energies that have a profound effect on each of us. I love it and am using it for my program at Rockwell Naturopath & Herbalist School.”

Silvia commented,

“Best thing I read/studied this week! I have so many negative beliefs that need to be cleared and replaced with positive ones and I have found that this makes a world of a difference in my day to day loving. Super super thankful for this book!”

K. Foster declared,

 “I seriously LOVE this! Got my copy a few weeks ago and it has been so helpful!”        

Toni shared,

“I carry it with me everywhere and use it frequently! Last Sunday my Marriage/Family Counselor BIL was experiencing a headache. I walked him through it and 10 mins later he was headache free. I helped a fellow classmate yesterday (she's going through a nasty divorce). She returned minutes later, fully ready to engage in class again. It's proven to be a vital part to my healing arsenal! I love that it's something I can walk people through on their own to help themselves. Even those who don't believe in 'Energy Work' find healing through it. It's an amazing tool!”  

Lance raved,

“For energy healing this is one of the best books I have ever used, it might not be very big in size but the size of the information and it's use are incredible! If you do not know how to muscle test or do body testing find someone who does and learn or get them to do it for you.
Truly the work Jenny has done to put this together is overwhelming to really understand, this book is worth $$$1,000.00s. Just the $$$ it will save in health care if applied correctly is inconceivable!

This Book Can Change Your Life!

Buy Now - $18

Not Sure How To Release and Replace the Beliefs?


Online Body Based Mindfulness Courses

The self-paced Fundamentals Course is designed to teach the basic principles and practice of Body Based Mindfulness. After this course is completed, The 8 Week Beliefs Mentoring Course is transformative in getting down to the most deeply rooted beliefs and working with them. 

Life-Changing Training

Both courses are taught by Dr. Kent Rosengren, and they will help you understand that overcoming negative beliefs must be a whole body experience. Not only the mind is involved. For lasting change to take place the calming of the nervous system must be part of the solution. 

Gain Tools to Empower You

Dr. Rosengren suffered for 40 years with debilitating social anxiety. His journey to find healing has helped him to design this approach and courses to be both educational and experiential.  He wants to empower you to work WITH your body so that you may become free from the limiting beliefs that bind you.

Experience the Difference

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After the Fundamentals Course one will be prepared to experience the 8 Week Beliefs Mentoring Course.. This course is experiential and educational.  Participants work in breakout groups and take turns as the facilitator, client, and observer to put the newly introduced  techniques into practice. The next Beliefs Mentoring Group will begin on July 25, 2019. Click here to see the syllabus for each course.

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The Body - The Missing Piece to Belief Transformation

There are many that do not know of the link between the body, traumatic experiences, limiting beliefs, and mental health. This information can counter beliefs like "I will always be anxious, " or "I have a history of depression and mental illness and that will never change." 

There IS hope! Knowing more about the body and its survival instincts can bring new understanding as to why people suffer from "triggers". Learn more about the cutting edge research that is showing body based therapies work!